Transport department clarifies on social media video clip


 A video clip of a woman complaining about the Transport Department is circulating on social media. In this connection, the Directorate of Transport has clarified that Licence Number STA/RaBL/20150001 under Rent a Motor Cycle Scheme, 1997 was issued to Smt. Prashanti Palyekar on January 11, 2015, and valid up to January 10, 20120. The place of business is H.No.51-1-A, Dadlowado, Anjuna, Bardez Goa and no. of bikes with the licensee are five.

Government of Goa has formulated Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for regulating business activity and providing quality service for tourists. The SOP was finalized in the STA meeting held on April 03, 2018. It was decided to implement SOP through a checklist in terms of guidelines of SOP and evaluate the applications. The above SOPs are approved by the Government on April 12, 2018.

Application for grant of renewal of license for Rent a Motorcycle dated December 23, 2019, is filed by the operator Smt Prashanti Palyekar.

Site Inspection was conducted on February 11, 2020, and another inspection was conducted to reconfirm compliance as per the request of the applicant on March 02, 2020, by Motor Cycle Inspector, Mapusa Office. A checklist is forwarded by Assistant Director of Transport(N) Mapusa wherein the operator did not comply with the criteria (checklist attached).

In view of the deficiencies in the checklist renewal could not be approved.  Smt. Prashanti Palyekar visited the Head Office on June 8, 2020. She wanted to meet the Assistant Director of Transport (HO) however, he was busy with a court matter file with another Officer of Department and hence she was asked to wait for some time. Thereafter she started crying and shouting loudly that nobody is attending her and not listening to her. While this happened, one public recorded the incident and uploaded it on social media without confirming the fact matter. Later, she complained that she is not feeling well and started crying. 108 ambulance was called and she was taken to the hospital.


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