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Those people wearing topis during election have resurfaced as activists: Vijai Sardesai

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Porvorim: TCP Minister Vijai Sardesai minced no words to criticize activists and indirectly Aam Admi Party for creating sensations on the issue of PDAs and Regional Plan.

In his speech on the floor of the House, the minister also exposed double speak of Congress party leaders. Sardesai brought the details of projects cleared by Agnelo Fernandes, Victoria Fernandes and Nilkant Halarnkar when they were heading various PDAs.

“Some people are just sensationalizing. They just shoot and scoot. I have said that the charges against me should be investigated. Chief Town Planner wrote letter to them but they don’t turn up,” the minister said referring to the allegations of illegal conversion of land leveled against him by NGO Goencho Avaz.

 “These people had appeared during elections wearing topis. They flopped and now they are back as activists. When they are asked to prove their allegations, they disappear. This is anarchy and leader of these people are anarchist so what can you expect,” he said.

 “Today they are pointing fingers at us tomorrow they will do it to you,” he told the Opposition Congress party.

Sardesai said “TCP is a challenging and thankless department.”

“The opposition will never thank you, whatever you might do. But someone has to take it up,” he said.


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