The Startup & IT Promotion Cell – Department of IT, Electronics and Communications, Goa successfully Achieves Vision of Mastering Product Market Fit



Panjim:  The 07th episode of the Founders Club Meet recently concluded, insightful discussions on the theme “From Vision to Validation: Mastering Product Market Fit” and providing valuable networking opportunities for all participants. Held at the Surendrababu Timblo Hall, GCCI, on Friday, 09th February 2024, the event was organized by the Startup & IT Promotion Cell – DoITEC, Goa. It aimed to delve into the complexities of achieving product-market fit within the growing start-up ecosystem of Goa.

The discussion featured esteemed experts who shared invaluable insights into understanding the needs and expectations of the target market, as well as effective methods for determining product-market fit across various industries. Distinguished experts included Mr. Pranay Gupta, representing StayVista Goa and 91springboard, and Mr. Harish Narayanan, renowned for his role as Chief Growth/Marketing Officer and an investor with a substantial portfolio of 40+ investments.
Addressing the meeting, Mr. D. S. Prashant, CEO of the Startup & IT Promotion Cell – Goa, stated, “The goal of this gathering is ensuring that entrepreneurs are well-informed about current trends and connected within the ecosystem. It provides an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to integrate into the startup.”

Mr. Harish Narayanan further elaborated on the topic with a comprehensive presentation, highlighting the fundamentals of Product Market Fit –A unique solution to a unique customer’s unique pain, underlining the importance of understanding customer behavior with real-life examples, and defining the value proposition of the product. Mr. Pranay engaged with participants, and discussed the importance of recognizing opportunities at every stage, analyzing user behavior, sharing insights from his experiences, and addressing various relevant aspects of the discussion.

Attendees gained invaluable perspectives on navigating the complexities of achieving product-market fit and implementing strategies for sustainable growth in today’s dynamic market landscape. The event underscored its pivotal role in nurturing long-term success and sustainability, while simultaneously paving the way for new growth opportunities.


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