Swayampurna FIFA U17 Women’s World Cup kick off ceremony


The entire concept of Atmanirbhar and Swayampurna needs to be looked from another perspective in Goa. Besides empowering the villagers to be self sustainable in Agriculture, Horticulture, Poultry and other sectors, we also need to look at this concept from a larger perspective.

I was impressed about the Kick Off ceremony of FIFA U17 Women’s World Cup held at Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Stadium, recently.

I would consider that as one of the example of how we can take the concept of Swayapurna to the next level.

I saw Goa’s ace anchor Rohit Khandekar hosting the ceremony in Konkani. The scale of the event was massive. The crowd too was impressive. And Rohit managed to put up a great show.

This was a big relief from the usual state government sponsored ceremonies where we have celebrity anchors hosting the shows and trying to say some words in broken Konkani. Rohit’s fluency, his command over the language, the glamour around the hosting and the way he rolled out the entire show was commendable.

It is also a welcome break from usual practice of saying “Ji” after every name. Like Pramod Sawant Ji, Govind Gaude Ji… I don’t know since when we, in Goa, have started referring people with the name of Ji. It’s North Indian trend and its alien to our culture.

Back to the Swayampurna concept! Why can’t we be Swayampurna in such an industry? Chief Minister Pramod Sawant and his team should start thinking on these grounds.

I would congratulate Sports Minister Govind Gaude for bringing Swayampurna element in the event. I feel that it should be continued in all the functions that would be organised by his department in future.

I would be happiest person if any of our Goan hosts inaugural and closing of IFFI 2022 rather than giving ever-struggling Hindi film industry artists the platform.

Our own Goan talents should host all the events of the IFFI 2022.

We have some of the versatile hosts like Akshata Puranik Bhat who has fluency over Hindi, English, Konkani and Marathi. There are many like her who could be selected to host national and international events.

Let’s not restrict our talent only to state level functions. This could be an important step towards being Swayampurna.

I don’t remember exactly, but I saw one of the video on Swayampurna Goa which mentioned in its titles that its post-production was done in Mumbai. That’s an irony.

In the yesteryears, Goan musicians and cinematographers had given new direction to entire Hindi Film Industry. There is no dearth of talent in post-production or production in Goa.

Let us produce all the videos related to IFFI in Goa. Let the best production teams from Goa which includes our filmmakers be engaged in this business.

Let’s ensure that maximum of IFFI budget is spent on Goan companies. This could be an another way to be Swayampurna.

While I reiterate that I am fully in awe of CM’s Swayampurna Goa concept, more additions to it can fetch better results. The Swayampurna concept should achieve more milestones. Let Goa be also Swayampurna in its entertainment industry, let Tiatre artists too feel Swayampurna. The local traditions too should get into the drive of Swayampurna.


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