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Stop treating smartphones as rewards for children: IT minister Rohan Khaunte


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Panaji: Information Technology Minister Rohan Khaunte has appealed the parents to stop treating smartphones as rewards for children and let them know that it is just a gadget to tide over pandemic restrictions on regular schooling.


Khaunte said that although we were forced to accept the pandemic-induced dependency of our children on mobile phones for educational purposes, it’s equally true that every parent is seriously worried about the increasing amount of time our children are spending with mobiles.


“A recent survey by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights reveals that mobile addiction is taking a serious toll on our children. With schools back to regular classes, it is high time parents and teachers wean away children from mobiles to good old active schooling along with physical and social activities,” he said.


The Information Technology minister said that Internet and mobile addiction are becoming the silent killer of active physical and social activities and a normal social life amongst our children.


“Giving up conventional methods of learning habits was a necessity in pandemic times but it cannot be continued forever. A healthy balance has to be struck between Online Learning and Conventional learning to get the benefits of both while ensuring the healthy mental and emotional development of our children,” he said.


Khaunte said that we should stop treating smartphones as rewards for children. Let them know that it’s just a gadget to tide over pandemic restrictions on regular schooling.


“Switching over from Online Schooling and taking away our children from the highly infectious Digital Life is not going to be easy but the solution lies in making conscious efforts to bring our kids back to the real physical life from their Internet lives and help them to strike a balance between the real world and digital world,” he added.

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