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Rajesh Khaunte hints at contesting from St Cruz constituency

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Panaji: Businessman and social worker Rajesh Khaunte, elder brother of Porvorim MLA Shri Rohan Ashok Khaunte, has hinted that he will be contesting upcoming Assembly election from St Cruz constituency.

Rajesh said that he would not mind contesting the election, if people want him to do so. He also clarified that he would be in the fray for clean politics and to ensure that St Cruz constituency is developed

The Khaunte family traces its root to St Cruz constituency as their Grandfather was hailing from Merces.

Rajesh said that he has been into social work in this constituency for several years, helping people. He expressed unhappiness over the way the constituency has been left underdeveloped.

“After the tenure of Victoria Fernandes, none of the MLAs have done any development in this constituency,” he said.

When asked whether he is eyeing to contest election from this constituency, Rajesh said “to be frank, there is still time for election. As of today we are looking at social work in St Cruz constituency.”

He said that the people have reciprocated in a big way to his interest in St Cruz. “People want clean politics and we are here to do so,” he said adding that the people believe in him and his brother, Rohan for the development of the state.

He recalled that if he had to contest Aldona constituency last time, he would have won.

Speaking about his brother, Rajesh said “my brother is very aggressive on political front. We are not in politics for money. He has been working tirelessly for the people. Tomorrow if I try to be in politics, it would be for the development and society.”

“If I am getting into politics, I will consult people and go. If they are ready to accept for a change, definitely, why not,” he said.

“People want better quality of life in St Cruz. This is not a type of Goan constituency that we want to see.”


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