Peaceful prayer service at Chandor to demonstrate against linear projects

Chandor: United Against Coal, a frontal organization from the twin villages of Chandor and Guirdolim, involved in demonstrating against the three linear projects, will be offering a peaceful ‘Magnem’ (Prayer Service) at 7:00 pm at the market square in Chandor, on Saturday, December 5 to invoke their blessings in the fight against the three mega projects undertaken by the State and  Central Government.
“The programe will start with a short talk by noted historian, Prof Prajal Sakhardande, followed by some cultural presentations by the locals and professionals, finally culminating with the holy ‘Magnem’, held in a traditional manner, keeping in tune with our rich cultural heritage consisting of glorious days  as the erstwhile capital of Goa during the Kadamba Empire,” the organisation stated.
United for Coal has invited people of Goa to  “witness and participate in the Magnem to strengthen our endeavor to save our beautiful Goa for our future Generations.”


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