”Mr. Govind Gaude, stop playing political gimmicks, you backstabbed the people of Melauli when you were needed the most”: AAP leader Shubham Shivolkar



Earlier today Tribal Welfare Minister Govind Gaude released a statement requesting the Chief Minister of Goa state Shri. Pramod Sawant to withdraw the pending cases registered on the villagers of Melauli during the IIT issue. While felicitating Pooja Umesh Melekar from PES Ravi SITARAM Naik College, farmagudi who got the honor of coming first in B.Sc in Analytical Chemistry. during the felicitation ceremony he said his whole intentions now will be to withdraw the cases registered on the villagers of Melauli and will humbly request the CM Sawant to do the needful at the earliest.

Aam Aadmi party leader From Valpoi Shubham Shivolkar lashed out at Tribal Welfare minister Govind Gaude for playing his dirty politics and trying to mislead the people when the elections are round the corner. He said that Govind Gaude who is also the MLA of Priol constituency had promised his support to the villagers of Melauli on the IIT issue, later he took a complete U-turn from his promise made to the people of Melauli. He further added that the brutal attack which the PI Ekoskar committed by stamping on our mothers and sister, the tear gas which caused serious problems to the villagers and the women, the videos which went viral, yet the minster holding the post of Tribal Welfare remained silent on this attack on the women of Melauli. Shubham also questioned to why Govind Gaude is trying to mislead people after a year of the event and now requesting Chief Minister of the State to withdraw the cases for his political benefit when the elections are soon approaching.
AAP leader Shubham Shivolkar lambasted on Gaude to first withdraw all the false cases which the police had registered on the youth and the villagers of Melauli. The youth of Melauli had to visit various police stations as the cases were registered in different and far off police station and even had to spend their entire day out there and often had to visit according to their next date, giving them hard time. Before moving on with his promises, he should work towards withdrawing the false cases said Shubham.


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