MLA Rohan Khaunte Releases His Performance Report Card


Porvorim: Porvorim MLA Rohan Khaunte, Goa former minister for IT, Revenue, Labour &

Employment and Planning & Statistics on Saturday released a report card on his work

as the minister and MLA in last three years. Rohan Khaunte is India’s first MLA who has

taken the initiative to give his constituency a regular report card since 2014.

A quick look at Rohan Khaunte Accountability Report shows that the MLA has fulfilled

more than 60% of his manifesto promises along with outstanding achievements for his

state portfolios. Some of the key points in the report card indicate the completion of

major infrastructure projects to solve problems that citizens of Porvorim were facing for



Key Promises As MLA That Were Fulfilled Among Others”:

– Water Harvesting Tank and 15-20 MLD Water Treatment plant has been set up during

his tenure to solve the issue of depleting water table for Porvorim

– Multiple health sub-centers were opened up across the constituency to enhance the

quality of healthcare.

– Quality Panchayat Ghars were built in the constituency to make getting work done at

Panchayats a pleasant experience. Amenities such as Doctors and Veterinary Doctor’s

office, Post Office, trade shops, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, a public library a

multipurpose hall, and a football field have been built in most Panchayat Ghars of


– Waste Management Projects have been rolled out to make Porvorim one of the

cleanest constituencies of Goa and achieving the vision of Swachh Bharat in reality

– Porvorim became one of the first constituencies of Goa to get its own National

Cyclonic Disaster System established.

– Infrastructure and technology initiatives were taken to help farmers reduce the cost of

growing crops while increasing their productivity & overall efficiency.

– Built an ecosystem to boost the culture of sports and fitness in Porvorim

While his term as MLA of Porvorim is ongoing, Rohan Khaunte also served the state

government of Goa as IT, Revenue, Labour & Employment and Planning & Statistics

Minister with Late Manohar Parrikar before Pramod Sawant-led government was

formed. Working closely with  Parrikar, Rohan Khaunte departments launched several

progressive initiatives and policy reforms that have made the system more transparent,

corruption free and fair.


Key Achievements as IT, Revenue, Labour & Employment and Planning & Statistics Minister

Setting-up infrastructure and policy to make Goa the most preferred startup destination

of Asia

– Roping in multi-national companies to set-up backend offices in Goa to generate

employment of Goan youth

– Revenue reforms to simplify mutation and partition of land to ensure the issues are

resolved within a net 90 days.

– Digitalisation of government records and processes to make government work easier

for the citizens.

– Setting up of world-class training centers in partnership with MNCs to train Goa’s

youth in skills needed to become employable.

Laid foundation stone for Global VC Summit and put together a nexus of businesspersons, mentors, and investors to help Goan entrepreneurs scale their

businesses globally.

“I started my career as an entrepreneur, and just how a business person keeps a record

of everyday activities in the business, I kept a track of everyday development in the

diverse portfolios that I handled as a minister and continue to do so in my role as an

MLA. This helped me ensure optimization and quality delivery of everything that our

citizens deserve,” says Rohan Khaunte.

Rohan Khaunte report card also indicates that he has 100% attendance in the Assembly and has asked the maximum number of questions among the 40 MLAs since 2012. Khaunte launched his first report card in 2014 and has been updating his constituency with the progress report on a regular basis. This is a big step towards a clean and accountable governance, as he calls it, the Inclusive Porvorim model of Governance!

On account of 10 year anniversary of Porvorim Yuva Welfare Trust (PYWT), MLA Rohan Khaunte, also the Chairman of PYWT has kicked off year round celebrations beginning with launching of Raffles. Additionally, PYWT will be carrying out several activities throughout the year such as health camp, skill development sessions, Krishi Melawa as part of the the celebration.


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