Khaunte criticizes TMC as party that follows use and throw policy


Panaji: Referring to the recent decision of Trinamool Congress Party (TMC) to dissolve its National Executive Committee leading to removal of MP Luizinho Faleiro from the post of National Vice President, BJP leader Rohan Khaunte has questioned whether such a party that follows use and throw policy can do any good to Goa.

Khaunte tweeted “TMC shunts out their Goan prize catch from National Committee as he’s outlived his utility in their Goa campaign. How can a party that follows such Use-n-Throw Policy do any good for Goa?”


  1. Election Commission of India is the father of the house (India). Political Parties are the Children of that house (India). ECI, as the head of the house (India) should bring discipline among their children (Political Parties). ECI should tell them (Political Parties) that I am the head of the house and you are the children of the house. Maintain discipline in the house or you will be punished.


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