I am afraid malaria, dengue will follow now in Panaji: MLA Carlose Ferreira


Panaji: Aldona MLA Carlos Alvares Ferreira on Tuesday said that after inundation of the capital city during pre monsoon showers, the next fear is about malaria and dengue hitting the city.

Talking to reporters in Panaji, Ferreira said that he had challenged the government that Panaji will be inundated during the monsoon. “I am afraid that Malaria and Dengue will follow,” he said blaming the shoddy work of Mission Smart City which is currently going on in Panaji.

He pointed out that the ten days are remaining for the deadline of completing smart city works and the agency is still digging up the roads. “This is underground corruption,” he said, claiming that he himself avoids entering Panaji city as “you don’t know when the roads are closed.”

“It is sad story that Panaji is losing its beauty and the city is given step motherly treatment,” he added.
When asked whether the works can be completed within next ten days, he commented “Harry Potter could do it, let Harry Potter complete it.”


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