Govt’s selfie brainwave the limit of idiocy: Goa Forward


The Goa Forward Party President Vijai Sardesai severely criticised the Goa Government for prioritising selfies over free movement of commuters travelling across the Zuari bridge. It was utter chaos and misery for Goans trying to get to places when they were caught in a huge traffic jam lasting several hours with vehicle lines stretching for miles. Ambulances and other emergency services were stuck for hours risking the lives of patients who needed urgent medical attention. Terming the situation as the “Limit of idiocy”, Sardesai tagged the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Nitin Gadkari, asking them why the Goa government is making life miserable for Goans. “Are they aware that someone’s brainwave to have selfies is causing chaos.? “Will Nilesh Cabral take responsibility if someone dies on the way? “, he questioned.

In a follow-up tweet, he alleged that the Office of Nitin Gadkari had suggested having a virtual inauguration of the bridge on 19th December but those who call the shots in Goa wanted to allow people to take selfies in the midst of the festive season which led to complete paralysis of the traffic along the old Zuari Bridge. With lack of thinking and upside down priorities, the government has played havoc with the lives and livelihood of Goans ever since they came to power, and this latest idiocy is another example of their unforgivable incompetence. Sardesai said.


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