FDA cracks down on kiosks around GMC, stringent action initiated


Bambolim: In view of the Media Report following the advisory relelased by Goa Medical College and the directives of the Hon. Minister for Health; the food stalls / hawkers operating opposite Super Speciality Block Bambolim Tiswadi Goa were inspected by the team of Food Safety Officers led by the Designated Officer North Goa. Following stalls were found operational during the visit.
Details of stalls as follows:
1.M/S Vasudev Gaonkar temporary food stall
2.M/s Elsa Dias Kiosk
3. M/s Krutika MURGAONKAR
5.Laxmi pundalik Havanur, Cart near GMC.
The food stalls / carts did not have any permission to engage in cooking activities from the FDA and hence strict action was initiated and vendors were directed to stop all the cooking activities. They were directed to vacate the temporary kitchens and equipment were removed in presence of the team. Legal notices were also issued under sec 31 of FSSA 2006.
It is pertinent to note that these same stalls were inspected in November 2023 and were finded under sec 69 of FssA 2006 with fines of 10000/- for cooking under unsanitary conditions.

The vendors have been warned that if ther are found continuing cooking than their registraion under FDA will be suspended forthwith.
The food carts/ stalls only had valid fssai registration certificate as hawkers for retail sale of packed items only but were carrying out cooking activities via gas cylinders were in an unhygienic manner violating schedule IV.

Furter as regards to the source of water it was observed that the vendors had cans filled with water. Upon inquiry they have stated that they bring water from their homes which is from taps having PWD supply. As an abundant precaution we have taken sampls of these cans with water and are sent to FDA lab to ascertain the water quality which will help in confirming the source. Also inquiry was made with the guards stationed near SSB gates and they have said that they have not observed any vendors taking water from the Garden hose from SSB gardens.
Strict vigilance shall continue and FDA team will visit daily for next 7 days to monitor the situation and in case any non compliance is see; strict action following closer of the unit will be done and legal cases will be filed.

The Food stalls in front side were also inspected and most of them were found complying to the basic hygiene condition however notice was issued to one vendors for rectification.


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