Fatorda Homemakers Launch “Home Work” Masala Brand



In a remarkable initiative, over 100 self-help groups from Fatorda, under the guidance of Smt. Usha Sardesai, have collaboratively launched a new range of authentic Goan masalas,
. This endeavor is branded “Home Work”, symbolizing the essence of home-cooked flavors and the hard work of these dedicated homemakers.

The launch event was graced by the presence of esteemed guests. The Chief Guest, acclaimed Bollywood actor and daughter of Goa Ms. Waluscha De Souza, and the Guest of Honor, renowned Chef Ranjeet Pandey, were joined by prominent figures such as GFP President Vijai Sardesai and Chef Balaji Srinivasan. Special invitees Sarita Chavan and Preeti Marques also attended this auspicious occasion.

Smt. Usha Sardesai, at the forefront of this initiative, shared her vision of creating a social enterprise. This venture aims to harness the culinary skills of women for financial empowerment, with aspirations to take these authentic Goan flavors to an international market.

Chef Ranjeet Pandey emphasized the pivotal role of masalas in culinary art. He applauded the noble cause, confident that it will make a significant impact across the country.

Vijai Sardesai praised the initiative as a crucial step in preserving Goa’s rich culinary heritage. He highlighted the importance of empowering people, especially Goan homemakers, to achieve financial independence through such innovative ventures.

Ms. Waluscha De Souza commended Usha Sardesai for her efforts in introducing authentic Goan flavors to the world, simultaneously empowering women in the process. Her appreciation added a note of celebrity endorsement to the initiative.

“Home Work” represents not just a brand, but a movement towards self-reliance and cultural preservation, blending the rich flavors of Goan cuisine with the spirit of empowerment and entrepreneurship.



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