Don’t need you money; need your “MOG” and “BLESSINGS”, says GFP Chief Vijai Sardesai to Goemkars in London


Panaji: In an evocative evening that celebrated Goan culture and arts, Vijai Sardesai graced the stage as the Chief Guest at the performance of a Tiatr by Francis De Tuem in the United Kingdom. The event not only showcased the rich tradition of Goan Tiatr but also served as a platform for Sardesai to express his staunch support for the art form and its significance in preserving Goemkarponn— the Goan identity.

During his speech, Sardesai lauded Francis De Tuem for producing Tiatrs that boldly incorporate political messages, though often not well-received by the government. He underscored the role of Tiatr as an integral part of Goan culture, celebrating its potential to unite Goans around the world. It also works to protect and promote their unique heritage abroad.

Referring to a recent controversy, Sardesai criticized the government’s decision to impose a tax on ‘Khel Tiatr’, a sub-genre of Tiatr known for its candid critique of politicians and their political antics, including the rampant issue of party defection often justified under dubious claims of divine guidance. Sardesai emphasized the importance of criticism in politics, especially to hold those accountable who undermine democratic values.

Drawing parallels with the historical Opinion Poll that prevented Goa’s merger with Maharashtra, Sardesai called for unity among Goans, both in Goa and the diaspora, including London. He stressed the necessity of solidarity across different religions, communities, and political affiliations to safeguard Goa’s identity and autonomy. The unity he called for extended to the political arena, urging support for coalitions over divisiveness, to prevent the dilution of votes that benefits the ruling party.

Sardesai said his visit wasn’t about soliciting financial support but seeking the more profound wealth of love, unity, and support from the Goan community abroad. He reassured the audience of his unwavering support on any issue concerning them, emphasizing the collective strength required to protect Goem, Goemkar, and Goemkarponn.


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