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Monday, December 5, 2022

Congress launches COVID helplines

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Panaji: With a view to help people of Goa during the ongoing crisis of COVID pandemic, the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee has announced its Control Room and Helplines under the Chairmanship of GPCC Vice President Dr. Pramod Salgaocar.

Dr. Salgaocar said that it is launched as part of a National Programme of All India Congress Committee, to combat second wave of COVID. We are releasing Helpline number
7066196131 Mr. Everson Vales
and also miss call number 02249558099. Needy people alternately can call any members of the team.

Dr. Salgaocar informed that she held virtual meeting of all members and discussed about the program. The president of GPCC Girish Chodankar and Vice President M K Shaikh also took part in the meeting.

“We have identified some NGOs who wish to work for the cause. We will assist people who need help to tackle this situation.” She said.

She informed that Youth Congress will be handling ground support under the leadership of GPYC president Varad Mardolkar.

“All frontal organisations Seva Dal , Mahila congress and NSUI will assist the team. Both district offices will be used as control rooms and district presidents will monitor the acitivities.” Dr. Salgaocar said.

Dr. Salgaocar has said people in need can use services of Congress to fight COVID 19. ” Together we can work to combat the ongoing crisis and save the lives of people.” Dr. Salgaocar said.

She said our task is to connect needy to the available system in shortest possible time so that patients don’t suffer.

Dr. Salgaocar said that initiative is not to take any political mileage, but it is service to mankind.

The Committee and helpline numbers are as follows:-

1. Dr. Pramod Salgaocar,
Chairperson, +919370589158

2.Dr. Rajendra Sawardekar,
Vice Chairperson, 9823204454

3.Shri Vithoba Dessai,Coordinator, 9850131227

4.Shri Joe Dias
Member 9823061965 (District president)

5.Shri Vijay Bhike
Members 9326118374 (District president)

6.Mrs Beena Naik
Member, 9823458875

7.Shri Shankar Kirlapalkar
Member, 9096740000

8.Shri Varad Mardolkar
Member, 9823138540

9.Shri Naushad Chaudhary
Member, 9637194053

10.Shri James Andrade, Member, 9823118351

11.Shri Everson Vales, Member, 7066196131


12. Himanshyu Tivrekar 9607668800

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