Call up Karnataka CM, register protest over attack on WRD officials: Kandolkar to Sawant



Panaji: Condemning the attack on Goa WRD officials who had visited the Mhadei project, Goa Forward Party working president Kiran Kandolkar has questioned silence of the CM over this incident.

Kandolkar has demanded that CM should immediately call up his Karnataka counterpart and register the protest.

The GFP leader tweeted “On the 2nd anniversary of Pramod Sawant Govt, Karnataka Police attack and insult our WRD officials and environmentalist Kerkar bab. Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant is quiet as he sold #MotherMhadei. He has betrayed the people of Goa.”

“We condemn this attack and insult by Karnataka Police on our WRD Officials and Environmentalist. If little shame is left in Pramod Sawant, he should immediately call up his counter part in Karnataka and register protest,” he added.


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