BJP’s own spokesman criticizes party govt over casino issue


Panaji: A senior BJP leader Siddharth Kunkolienkar, who is also party’s spokesman and IT Cell head, has tweeted against his own party-led government on the issue of Casinos.

Kunkolienkar has attached a picture of a news carried on Herald Review about Rs 277.08 crore waiver for Casinos in his tweet to criticize his own government.

“Instead of removing #Casinos in 100 days, @Govtof Goa removes huge money payable by them to #Goan #Treasury,” he tweeted.

The BJP leader’s tweet comes hours after CM Pramod Sawant has clarified that the tax is not waived but instead would be collected later from the Casino operators.

He had said that the state has stepped back from collecting it to allow the Casino industry resume its operations.


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