#BID: Ponda is still powered by Patrao?


Ponda: After our successful episode of BEFORE INK DRIES on Curchorem assembly, we visited the temple town of Ponda. The political equations in Ponda were unique during Lok Sabha 2024 polls.

BJP leader and minister Ravi Naik and MGP leader Dr Ketan Bhatikar who fought against each other for 2022 assembly election had to share a dais in support of candidate Ms Pallavi Dempo.

Naik and Bhatikar never go together in Ponda politics, but BJP got them together.

Ravi Naik has a track record of not giving interview to GNH, so despite our attempts he was not available. Bhatikar claimed that he was with BJP and Dempo family but not with Naik in this election.

We also met several people including Pramod Sawant, who is a local businessman and cynosure of all eyes because of similarity of his name with the chief minister.

Congress leader Rajesh Verenkar is also one of the important element in this constituency.

We tried to analyse whether Ponda is still powered by Patrao.

Releasing the episode tonight at 8 on our YouTube channel.

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