After the intervention of AAP, ESG takes action against IFFI’s fixed tenders


After AAP vice president Valmiki Naik, AAP Taleigao assembly incharge Cecille Rodrigues and AAP joint secretary Sunil Signapurkar intervention, the CEO of ESG takes action against IFFI’s fixed tenders. On Friday, Valmiki Naik filed a complaint in the State’s vigilance department.

Dr. Tariq Thomas, CEO of ESG had sent a letter to the PWD. He had requested PWD to examine the issue urgently and take necessary action, in the letter. He also asked PWD to submit orginal report to the ESG.

In the letter Thomas mentioned, “a delegation led by Valmiki Naik claiming to be represented of the Aam Aadmi Party visited the office on 10th November at 4 p.m. Naik has alleged that the exterior painting work that is being carried out in the ESG premises is being done by the public work department without issue of work order”.

“The delegation has also submitted documents stating that the tender for the said works are being open on November 10, 2021. Therefore the delegation submitted that the said works are being done illegally”, Thomas added.

Earlier, on 10 November Valmiki Naik, AAP vice president had mentioned that,
“PWD had put a work order of exterior painting worth 70 lakhs. The tenders should have been submitted by 3 PM on 9 November and this tender was supposed to be open on 10 November. The tender was supposed to be awarded to the lowest bidder. But the work of exterior painting has been completed before the bid and that too without a work order”.

In spite of asking AAP delegation to meet  on 10th November for a discussion over fixed tenders, ESG vice chairman Subhash Phaldesai did not show up when the delegation arrived. Instead he stated that AAP had made false claims.

On this Valmiki Naik AAP vice president said, “instead of making such statements, Phaldesai should give answers to the questions raised by AAP. We are filing a similar complaint with the state’s vigilance department”.

Naik further said, ” This incident proved, former governor of Goa Satyapal Malik’s statement about the corruption by state government in everything. When AAP talks about free services, people raise questions. They ask from where money will come? The money will come when we save the money by not indulging in corruption. We will use this money for the betterment of citizen. I request quick action against such act”.


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