AAP’s #GoansAgainstCorona touches the hearts of Goans


AAP’s Oximitras have been criss crossing the state to help out Goans and help free them from concern around the Corona Pandemic. We are glad that we are able to help and save lives. Along the line we have met and touched many lives and received many thanks. People have reacted positively to our campaign and are thankful that we have taken up a job that the Govt should have.

“AAP and their Oximitras are doing a good job!! And are very prompt too” said Malaika who with her mother Seles were helped by AAP’s Oximitras. Malaika & her mother helped their elderly neighbour who had a fall in her washroom and couldn’t move for many hours. “My mother managed to call the fire service and open her door & help her. However later on she tested positive for Corona and while we were waiting for our test results to come out we contacted AAP’s Oximitras who came very fast and helped us measure our oxygen levels! added Malaika.

Our Oximitras in Aldona too have struck a cord with Aldonkar Gregory Carvalho saying “I had read about this campaign in the papers and also on Facebook. I think it’s an important thing for everyone to check their oxygen level and I think all Goans should definitely participate.”

“In this pandemic everybody is just worried. When you go out you don’t know what will happen” said Shashidhar Harankar from Pednem. “ AAP members came and measured by oxygen levels and they have given me a morale boost when I saw that the counts were normal”

The #GoansAgianstCorona campaign has not just been a one way street.
The sweetest story is from Valonia Barretto a schoolgirl from Chinchinim who has donated 9 Oximeters to the campaign to help out


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