AAP demands roll back of fees for two-wheelers using ferries


Panaji: River Navigation Department minister Subhash Phal Desai is in the dock over his decision to levy fees for the two-wheelers.

AAP Goa chief Amit Palekar has demanded immediate recall of the fees.

Palekar wrote on “X” “We @AAPGoa demand immediate roll back of the fees for commuters to be levied on Ferry Services @SubhashGoa and @DrPramodPSawant. Instead of connecting islands by building bridges you are increasing fees on ferry services is not fair  for to Goans. Build better infra without corruption and make ferry services absolutely free.”

Phal Desai announced that the passes would be made available for the two-wheelers costing Rs 150 and Rs 600 for four-wheelers. These passes could be availed online.

When tried to contact, Phal Desai could not be reached.


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