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Monday, January 17, 2022

Aam Aadmi Party receives tremendous response over Kejriwal’s Teertha Yatra Guarantee.

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Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, Valmiki Naik, Vice President of AAP said, “We have been receiving good responses over the announcement of Teertha Yatra Guarantee. Here the Kejriwal government is fulfilling the spiritual aspirations of the people through Teertha Yatra Guarantee. Kejriwal has revolutionized the education and health sectors in Delhi. He has fulfilled the promise of free electricity and 24*7 water supply. After all of this in Delhi, senior citizen’s also consider Arvind Kejriwal as a son as he has taken care of their day to day and spiritual needs”.

Upendra Gaonkar, General Secretary (OBC Wing) of AAP said, “Earlier 2-3 months prior to the elections MLAs used to sponsor for Shirdi, Pandharpur yatras for the ones who are dear to them. As candidates, they used to spend lots of money on such yatras. Once they were elected, they used to make crores of rupees through corruption. Undertaking pilgrimage is a very pious act. therefore, Arvind Kejriwal brought the Teertha Yatra Guarantee for all Goans”.

“The similar kind of Yojna has been going on for the last few years in Delhi. In the first one year, more than 35 thousand people have benefited. Under this, people are given the option to choose the place of pilgrimage and bear the cost of transportation, accommodation and food. People travelled by AC trains and stayed in AC rooms. Once the AAP come to power in Goa, we will include more places to the list”. added Gaonkar

“During Kejriwal’s last visits to Goa he announced 300 units of electricity free of cost in Goa like Delhi. Free electricity to farmers and waiver of old bills. He promised employment as his second guarantee. He had announced AAP will provide allowance of three thousand rupees to one unemployed person from each family and five thousand rupees to every unemployed family from tourism and mining sector”, Gaonkar added.

Currently, the 2.90 lakh families, i.e. 70 to 75% of Goa’s population, have registered under the electricity guarantee program, and 1.12 lakh young people have registered so far under employment guarantee program. These are proof of the faith the people of Goa have already invested in the Aam Aadmi Party.


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