Lucky Bamboo Plant 

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– Dr.Grishma Dessai


Did you know that the plant we call “Lucky Bamboo” isn’t a type of bamboo at all? well! its official name is Dracaena Sanderana. This plant has been part of Chinese culture for a long time. According to Chinese art of placement, certain objects called as Feng Shui Cures, bring in Good chi (positive energy) into one’s home or workplace and lucky bamboo plays a significant role in Feng Shui cures.
In Chinese, this plant is known as Fu Gwey Zhu. Fu means Luck and Fortune, Gwey is honor and power and Zhu stands for Bamboo.
This plant is considered to be lucky when it represents all five elements of feng shui, which are Earth, Water, Fire, metal, and for that you can use rocks, pebbles or clay as a symbol of the earth to grow your bamboo tree. Tie a red or any bright color ribbon to represent Fire.
To symbolize the metal add metallic coin in the pot or vase. water where the bamboo grows and the bamboo stalk itself represents the, please make sure all  5 elements are represented.
Lucky Bamboo Care: It survives in low light but grows better in the medium indirect light.
Water: Lucky plant grows hydroponically but it thrives best in the soil, but for aesthetic reasons and also easy care people keep them in water. place the plant in a container with about one inch of water and maintain this level. once a month you can clean the entire pot, pebbles and rinse the roots with fresh water.
I periodically clean the leaves of my bamboo plant with a moist cloth or spray off with water.
When you grow lucky bamboo in potting soil, it should be kept slightly moist not totally soaking wet.
Fertilizer: I use bone meal, an organic fertilizer for my bamboo plant every month and it works well. Don’t put excessive fertilizer that can cause its leaves to turn yellow.
Pests: lucky bamboo is subjected to the infestation of mealy bugs, spider mites and also prone to fungal infections that can turn the stalks yellow and eventually cause the stalk to die.
For this reason, I sprinkle my plant periodically with an organic solution made up of neem oil, cow dung extract and organic materials that prevent my plants from all kind of fungal, bacterial and spiroplasmal diseases. also, it acts as a plant growth stimulator. ( I purchased this product online, contact me to get the details)
Pruning: Trim off the yellow leaves with sterilized scissors.also you can trim shoots to encourage the plant to grow bushier.
Propagation: Cut the shoots about one to two cm away from the stalk, and keep it in water for few months until roots appear and then put them in the soil.
Luck Bamboo placement: Ideal direction to place lucky bamboo is east or south-east.
The meaning behind the number of bamboo stalk:
1stalk: A lucky bamboo plant with only one stalk represents Truth and commitment.
2 stalks: It signifies love, and an ideal gift for newlywed couples, lovers etc.
3 Stalks: 3 Bamboo stalks represent a new beginning, long-life, and happiness. This makes a great birthday and new year gift.
4 Stalks: In Feng Shui, number 4 is considered inauspicious .so four bamboo stalk is to be avoided.
5 Stalks: They influence your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and intuitive areas in a good way.
6 Stalks: 6 stalks of bamboo plant bring great wealth.
7 Stalks: They bless you with good health.
8 stalks: represent growth and fertility.
9 stalks: symbolizes great luck.

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