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Monday, March 20, 2023

Future Tech Leadership Forum held in Goa

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Old Goa: Future Ready Tech Events, a venture of UMANG Group is thrilled to announce the successful launch of their Technology Leadership Summit, “Future Tech Leadership Forum” (FTLF) held on Friday, 17th March 2023 at Double Tree Hilton, Kadamba Plateau, Panaji, Goa. The event brought together industry experts, innovators, and entrepreneurs to discuss the latest trends and advancements in the world of technology. The forum in which Leaders from different sectors who understand the worth of technology come together and keep themselves updated about the futuristic technology. FTlF focusses around the following sectors, Healthcare & Pharma, Travel & Tourism, Banking & Finance, e-Governance, Construction & Real Estate, Education & Skilling, Transport & Logistics, Marine & Aqua Culture ,and Media & Entertainment.


Mangirish Salelkar, CEO & Co-Founder, UMANG Group gave the welcome address. He stated that the purpose of this summit is to bring together some of the brightest minds in the technology industry and provide a platform for sharing ideas, networking, and exploring new opportunities. With the rapid pace of technological advancement and innovation, it is essential for us to stay informed and adapt to new developments in order to remain competitive and achieve success.


The highlight of the event was the keynote address delivered by Devadas Krishnan, CEO – IndiaDotCom (Formerly Zee Digital) who shared his insights and experiences on the topic “Blue Ocean thinking in Tech”.


The first panel discussion on Automation and Digitalization in Non-Tech Industries featuring some of the most prominent industry leaders from diverse fields. The panelists explored the various challenges and opportunities of implementing automation and digitalization in non-tech industries and provided valuable insights to the attendees. The panel discussion was moderated by Yashvit Naik Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer – Teknorix, who guided the conversation and facilitated an interactive discussion among the panelists. The esteemed panelists included Dr Sagar Salgaocar, Managing Director – Geno Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd and Co-Chairman – ASSOCHAM, Goa Council, Shekhar Sardessai, Chairman – Kineco Kaman Composites India Pvt Ltd, and Rajkumar Kamat, Founder & Managing Director – EP Kamat Group who shared their expertise and experiences in their respective industries.


Throughout the discussion, the panelists highlighted the importance of automation and digitalization in non-tech industries and the potential benefits it can bring. They also discussed the challenges faced by businesses during the implementation process, such as the need for upskilling and reskilling the workforce, and the cultural shift required for successful adoption.


The second panel discussion was on the topic Growing Risks to Business Growth and Profitability where the panelists explored the various risks and challenges faced by businesses in today’s market and provided valuable insights to the attendees. The panel discussion was moderated by Prasad Sawant, CEO & Managing Partner at Buoyancy Consultants, who moderated the discussion and facilitated an engaging and interactive conversation among the esteemed panelists. The esteemed panelists included Pranav Pandya, Chairman & Director – GESIA IT Association, Co-Founder and Chairman – Dev Information Technology Limited, and K S Prashant, President – Software Exporters’ Association of Pune (SEAP), Managing Director, IDeaS Revenue Solutions who shared their expertise and experiences in their respective industries.


Throughout the discussion, the panelists highlighted the growing risks to business growth and profitability, such as geopolitical instability, supply chain disruptions, cyber threats, and regulatory changes. They also discussed the importance of risk management strategies and the need for businesses to be proactive in identifying and mitigating potential risks. The panelists shared real-life examples and case studies of successful risk management strategies, offering attendees practical insights and solutions. They emphasized the need for businesses to adopt a holistic approach to risk management, taking into account not only financial risks but also operational, reputational, and strategic risks.


The Panel Discussion on Growing Risks to Business Growth and Profitability was a great success, providing attendees with valuable insights and practical solutions to managing risks in today’s market.


Arvind Kumar, Director General – Software Technology Parks of India in the address, he shared details about STPI offerings to the aspiring startup entrepreneurs and initiatives to have specialized IT cluster in Goa in association with Government of Goa.

During the Summit, ASSOCHAM Goa announced Mangirish Salelkar is onboarded as member of ASSOCHAM Goa Council and appointed as the Chairman of IT Committee. ASSOCHAM IT Committee under Mangirish Salelkar aims to support Govt in industry Policy and boost Goa’s Tech ecosystem.


At the The Tech Summit “Future Tech Leadership Forum” announced three awards categories to recognize industry leader. Future Tech Leadership Forum 2023,
~”The Transformer” Tech Leader 2023 award was received by Arvind Kumar.
~”The Inspirer” Tech Leader award was received by Nitin Kunkolienker.
~”The Champion” Tech Leader 2023 award was received by Sriram Natarajan.


Further, Honourable Chief Minister of Goa, Dr Pramod Sawant addressed the Tech Summit and mentioned that the Goa Govt is slowly moving towards having smart solutions in solving several socio-economic problems. We aim to support the tech industry and make Goa a Technology First state.


The Vote of Thanks was delivered by Rohan Warty, MD of Xerviz Wlobal.


“We are of the opinion that collaboration is essential to driving innovation and progress in the technology industry and connecting with other like-minded individuals and organizations. Overall, we are thrilled to announce the success of the event Future Tech Leadership Forum 2023 and to have the opportunity to share the knowledge and expertise with the wider technology community. We believe that this event will be an important step forward in advancing the state of the art in technology, and we are proud it.” said Uma Salelkar, Cofounder of Umang Group.

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