We will work out new resources for revenue generation: Pramod Sawant

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Sao Joao

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant after taking over the reign for the first time spoke to www.goanewshub.com. In a short three-minute-long video interview to Rupesh Samant, Sawant said his government will work out new resources for revenue generation.


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Is there a pressure on you to be like Manohar Parrikar

I don’t have a pressure but I have a responsibility. I can’t be to the level of Manoharbhai. My attempt is that I want to fulfill the dreams that he had for Goa. That is why I am trying my level best. I travel across Goa. I am in Sanguem now. It is collective responsibility of everyone to win both the Lok Sabha seats. Our alliance is also with us. I am sure people will vote for BJP. People loved Manoharbhai and they will fulfill his aspirations.


Will there be any comparison between you and Parrikar as far as development is concerned?

There is no issue of comparison. Goa’s vision is already decided. As far as infrastructure development is concerned, the plan for Goa is ready for next five years, I need not have another plan. If we can execute the same plan then it would be more than sufficient. That is why I am saying that not only infrastructure development but I also want to stress on human development. Next three years, I will be stressing on human development. When we speak of Human Development, it will encompass everything, right from his studies to career. We will touch lives of everyone, including aged, young, everyone.


We missed two budgets.  After code of conduct is over, what can we expect on budget front?

The last budget was already prepared. It was not placed. In the next session, we will implement the budget which was prepared by Manohar Parrikar during upcoming session.


What would be stress on the budget?

We have taken up the works of infrastructure. We will have to implement those works. That would be a focus. We need not take up new works.


What about revenue generation?

I can’t say anything right now. I need some time to study. But we will surely work for new resources for revenue generation.


Do you think coming elections would be referendum on your government?

BJP will win on all the seats. But that would not mean I have won the election. People will vote for BJP and their trust is with the party. Winning all the elections will be biggest tribute to Manohar Parrikar.

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