Real heroes of Panaji by-election, BJP camp, they swear by Manohar bhai

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Panaji: While Panaji by-election is reaching its penultimate phase of campaigning, we bring to you the ‘real heroes’ who have been working round the clock for their candidates. We will profile the leaders from BJP and Congress party.

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But to begin with is BJP.

Vanita Bhingi, President, Mahila Morcha, Panaji

Being the Mahila Morcha President of panaji city, I have a crucial role to play in this by-election….This is important election for Panjikars as the legacy of our own Manohar bhai will be taken forward by Sidharth Kuncalienker who is also well known to Panjikar as he was ex-MLA of panaji. My role is to make aware all people of Panaji specially Mahila about the benefits, various scheme given to people of Goa, as well as mahila such as Griha Adhar scheme, Ladli laxmi, DSS and many others and cordinationating with mahila of Panaji and making them aware of their right to vote as well as to vote for the right person for the future of Panaji.


Deepak Mhapsekar

B.J.P. President

Panaji Mandal

Panaji mandal is giving full party cadre support to our candidate, we have planned our booth level organisation and karyakartas at booth level are working day and night to increase the lead of party candidate over last election. I. as a president is monitoring and controlling the active booth level campaign all over the assembly constituency. We at BJP mandal and I as a president have pledge to give more than 5000 votes lead to our candidate, Sidharth in upcoming assembly elections to be held on 19th May and we will see that proof of this surgical strike is given to congress on May 23.


Adv.Manguirish Usgaonkar

President BJYM Panaji

This By-poll we the youths of Panjim has an important role to play to fulfill the dreams of our beloved Late Manohar Bhai Parrikar.. To ensure young voters to know the govt policies, schemes , self empoyment schemes and others by the BJP Govt so that they vote for development of Panaji and Goa. To encourage the youths of Panjim to come forward and be part of active politics.   It is through collective youth support that we can think of taking bhai’s dream for Smart Panaji and not to fall prey to negetiveness and have trust in the Party and save the stability of the Govt and  Vote for bjp.


Shri Pundalik raut Dessai

Panaji byPoll election agent

I along with our karyakartas at booth level are working day and night to increase the lead of party candidate over last Election’s. I as the election agent is monitoring all the activities at the booth level campaign all over the assembly constituency and we at BJP  and I as the election agent and corporator from Althino have pledged to give the maximum lead to our candidate Sidharth in the upcoming by-polls to be held on 19th May and complete Our Late Manohar Bhai Parrikars dreams and development projects with the same spirit..

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