I don’t see the reason behind this move; we had majority with support of allies- Cabral

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Panaji: In what could be tagged as differences in the Pramod Sawant led cabinet, BJP Minister Nilesh Cabral said that Government had clear majority with support of alliance partners and don’t see the reason for such an act.

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Cabral was speaking while referring to Sawant’s decision to induct 10 congress MLAs into party fold.

“It is party decision and we have to stay by it. I was not aware about this,” he said.

“But personally, i dont know the reason why they have to do this,” Minister said.

“It is not the question of majority…with Congress MLAs  coming, BJP with 27 has a clear mandate,” he added.

“But otherwise, we had majority with support of alliance partners.  Since the time we formed the government under Manohar Parrikar. They supported our Bhai and continued their support to Pramod Sawant,” he commented.

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