BIG DADDY set to enter River Mandovi without permissions

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Panaji: In what has raised several eyebrows, even as Code of Conduct has been imposed in the State, a Casino vessel is all set to enter River Mandovi. Sources stated that State’s Bureacracy is working over time to give smooth entry for BIG DADDY casino vessel, which is yet to get the permission under Inland Vessels Act, 1917.
The ship is expected to anchor in River Mandovi even as Ports department has confirmed that they are yet to give it NOC.
Sources stated that State Chief Secretary Parimal Rai is amongst the officers who have taken special interest in getting the ship into the waters of River Mandovi in absence of active cabinet.
The ship is owned by a controversial politician.
The cabinet is in complete dark even as the huge ship is heading towards River Mandovi.
Ports Minister Jayesh Salgaonkar, when contacted, questioned the haste in which the ship was allowed to come.
“When Code of Conduct is in session, they could have waited to get proper permissions before entering in,” he said.
Salgaonkar has assured to investigate into the matter as to how the ship is being allowed despite not having permission under Indian Vessels Act.
Sources stated that the ship has a permission to anchor at Karwar port as per the permission under IVA. The owner of the ship has to get a fresh permission from the IVA to remain in Goa waters.
While there is largescale opposition for off shore casinos in River Mandovi, the addition of a vessel, that too when cabinet is not active, has raised several objections from the citizens.

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